Surface Mastermind

Surface is a platform for both new and seasoned real estate investors and wholesalers to get access to the education & tools they need to propel their business into the next level. In Surface Academy you will be provided with resources you need to 10x your business no matter where you are at in your real estate journey.

Not only to help you, but to hold you accountable. Using real life strategies and real life knowledge in marketing and in investing that will give you the results you’ve been wanting in this industry.

Get access to hundreds of hours of recorded content to help you grow your business. As well as all the documentation & scripts you need to effectively scale your wholesaling business, and  close more deals.

Now Available :


Cut the learning curve on building your brand with quentin flores.

Product includes access to weekly accountability group where Quentin Flores meets with you once a week to help you build your brand & scale your audience.

Learn to do the following:

  • Finding your niche.
  • Creating your content map
  • YouTube recording style
  • TikTok Breakdown
  • Instagram (The REEL Wave)
  • Facebook CREATOR control
  • KPI’s & When You Can Go Viral
  • Monetization 💰💰💰


Data & Skip Tracing Marketing Strategies

Be able to cope with the ever-changing markets! Learn up-to-date data & skip tracing marketing strategies.

Partner Coaches

Learn from the best! Master business strategies from our proficient partner coaches!

Software and Systems

Cut costs by automating routine tasks with our free software and systems!

Exclusive Chat Room

Connect with other wholesalers and be part of our growing community!

Discounted Tools for your Business

Streamline your business process and increase your business productivity for less!

Discounts to All Future Events

Don’t miss out on future events! Meet and learn from rock star wholesalers from all over the country!

Monthly Accountability Calls

Lacking motivation? Our accountability calls will get you to achieve your monthly goals!

5 reasons why surface academy is for you

Believe me, I’ve been there. At the beginning I didn’t have the resources, and every single person I talked to wanted to charge me $10,000+ to learn from there. Here in Surface Academy we give it to you for a STEAL of a price. You simply won’t find this level of coaching and accountability on any other platform at this specific price.

Here at Surface Academy we break the idea of “scaling” down to a SCIENCE. Building business structures is imperative for everyone. You can’t scale what you have never tracked! Let us assist you with that.

If you’re not used to failing this much, let us take some of that weight off your shoulders. It’s very easy to get discouraged in this business. Our accountability group is built to keep you motivated, and keep you focused. Turn those losses into WINS.

Here at Surface Academy we preach much MUCH more than just regular wholesaling. Here at Surface academy you’ll have access to partner coaching calls where we bring in the experts to teach you and guide you through your journey. Want to learn creative finance, or subject to, or even how to flip houses? We will bring the value to the table.

We have quarterly and yearly events that will absolutely give you an EXPERIENCE. Check out our recap videos and our testimonial videos. We know it’s not enough to learn behind your computer screen. Here at Surface Academy you will have discounted access to all future events and meet ups. Look forward to meeting you in person!


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